Learn and speak Arabic

Arabic for non-native speakers

  التحق بالدورة

Arabic for non native speakers

This Course is divided into two parts, the first part contains more than carefully chosen 1000 words, it will act as a reference for Arabic vocabulary. The most important topics discussed in this part are (Alphabet, Numbers, Astronomical, Bathroom, Bedroom, Birds, Body parts, Clothes, Cold-blooded animals, Colours, Computer, Containers, Continents, Days of the week, Devices, Drinks, Emotions, Familiar places, Family members, Financial, Food preparation, Fruits, Fuels, Furniture, Grains, Herbs and spices, Invertebrates, Jobs, Kitchen, Landmarks, Living room, Months, Motion, Nuts and seeds, Office, Planets, Plant parts, School, Science, Senses, Sewing, Shapes, Sports, Structures, Tools, Toys and games, Transportation, Vegetables, Weather and Warm-blooded animals).

The second part contains a group of common sentences and general situations that you will need in different situations in your daily life. The most important topics discussed in this part are (Advice, Agreement, Airport, Apologizing, Around town, Arrange a meeting, Bank, Basic phrases, Bus and train, Café, Car hire, Common questions, At the customs, Dates, Directions, Disagreement, Education, Emergencies, Exchange, office, Exclamations, Family, Friendship, Giving opinions, Greetings, Guests, Hairdressers, At Home, Hotel, Instructions, Interests, Internet Café, Languages and communication, Mechanical problems, Museums and galleries, Needs and feelings, Restaurant, Services and repairs, Shopping, Suggestions, Taxi, Telephone, Telling the time, Thanking, Things you might see, Thinking, Time expressions, Tourist information office, Traffic, Travel, Weather and Work).


  Learn and speak Arabic
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الدفع بالدولار أو بما يعادل السعر بالعملة المحلية

إذا كنت ستدفع بعملة أخرى غير الجنيه المصرى فاختر طريقة الدفع بالدولار ولن يتم خصم مصاريف إضافية لتحويل العملة

طرق الدفع المتاحة

طرق الدفع

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